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Project Leaders: Seth & Ava




About This Project:

As a spin-off project from our 'Clean Air Crew' membership, we are thrilled to announce that our application to be part of Sefton's 'Air Watch' programme has been accepted! This is the first exciting project for our new school council this year and allows us to monitor air pollution around our school grounds using a NOX Diffusion Tube.




Current Status:

Our first Duffisuion Tube was installed on 7.1.22. We are waiting a month before sending it off for analysis.






7.1.22 - First NOX Diffusion Tube Installed!

At lunch time today our project leaders installed our first NOX Diffusion Tube. We will leave it for a month before replacing it with a new tube and sending it off to Sefton to be analysed. We are really looking forward to finding out just how clean our air is around our school grounds!



20.12.21 - Diffusion Tube Holder Installation

We welcomed a visitor from Sefton Council who explained to us all about our NOX Diffusion Tube and how it works. It has a filter in the cap which captures Nitrogen Oxide air particles. We will install our first tube in January after Christmas. After a month, we will be sent a new tube in the post which our project leaders will replace our current tube with. Our current tube will then be posted off to Sefton Council and will be sent to a lab for analysis.