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Friday 22nd January

Friday 22nd January


As you can tell by my tired face... it's Friday!


Everyone has done so well this week - I've been so impressed with all the work you have sent to me!


Friday's Daily Plan



Friday's Challenge


How many words can you make using the letters:


S  T  J  O  H  N  S  W  A  T  E  R  L  O  O









LO: I can make a story plan based on a plot.






LO: I can multiply 2-digits by 1-digit with no exchanging (part 1).

Video 1:

(no worksheet, just go through the video and complete the activities in your book)

Video 2:

(use the worksheet whilst watching this video)




Mindfulness Afternoon


Another great week of learning complete - well done Year 3! We're going have another Friday afternoon of mindfulness.

Can you remember what mindfulness is all about?

It's all about being c____, r_______, and e________ the things we are doing and the things a______ us.

Here are some more mindfulness challenges for you to have a go at:
Here are two mindfulness colouring sheets for you to enjoy. You can do one, or both! If you don't finish, you could save it and carry on in between lessons next week to have a relaxing break!
Try listening to this relaxing music as you do your mindfulness challenges or mindfulness colouring: