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Friday 26th February

Friday 26th February


Friday's Daily Plan






LO: I can use adverbs in sentences.


This was our preposition spinner from before half term. The words are different but our adverb spinner today works in the same way. You are then writing sentences about The Iron Man.






LO: I understand tables.




Mindfulness Afternoon




Mindfulness Doodling


On a piece of paper, draw some lines going right across the page from one side to the other. They can go in any direction. Some can be straight lines, zigzag lines or wiggly lines. This will split your page into different shaped sections.


In each section, have a go at drawing a pattern. You can google 'mindfulness doodling' to get some ideas of patterns to try.


Here is a picture of what it may look like when you are half way through...

Here is some relaxing music to listen to as you are doing your mindfulness doodling.