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Friday 8th January

Good morning Year 1!

Here are your activities for the day! 

Mrs Saunders



LO: I can recognise and name 2d shapes

Today we will be exploring 2d shapes! Follow the third video below!

Now complete one of the activities below!


LO: I can recognise and find rhyming words

Today we are going to explore rhyming words in some of the traditional rhymes we have been listening to!

1. Read the rhymes below and see if you can spot the rhyming words.

2. Circle them or write them down.

3. Can you think of any other words that rhyme with them?

3. Complete the rhyming word activity sheet.


LO: I can read the tricky words oh, their and people

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You may log in with the following details:

username: jan21

password: home

These games can be accessed from the Phase 5a Resources page that is linked.

Now put each word in a sentence! You can draw a picture too!


Don't forget capital letters and full stops!


Here is mine:

There were lots of people at the park. 


In preparation for our new topic 'Growth and Green Fingers', watch the video below.

Which flowers do you like best?

Compare the flowers - what is the same? What is different?

Draw a picture of your favourite flower and write a sentence below.

Here is mine:

My favourite flower is a hydrangea because it has beautiful blue and pink petals. 

Flower Video.mp4

Still image for this video