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Monday 11th January

Good morning Year 1!

Here are your activities for the day! 

Mrs Saunders



LO: I can sort 2d shapes

Watch the video then choose one activity below!

I will also post this table on Class Dojo if your child would like to draw the shapes using the App instead!


LO: I can discuss new words in a traditional rhyme

Today we will be learning a traditional rhyme that is linked to our new topic, 'Growth and Green Fingers'. Watch the video below for your English lesson and activity!

English - Mary, Mary.mp4

Still image for this video


LO: I can read and write the digraph /ie/

Follow the links below for today's phonics lesson!

Using the Phonics Play login below, play Picnic on Pluto, selecting Phase 5 and the /ie/ digraph!

Phonics Play free login:

You may log in with the following details:

username: jan21

password: home


LO: I can identify and name parts of a plant

Watch the video below to find out all about plant parts! Your activity is to create a collage of a plant using things from around the house - more details at the end of the video!

Science - Parts of a Plant.mp4

Still image for this video