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Monday 1st February

Hello Year 1!

I hope you had a lovely weekend!

Here is today's home learning.



LO: I can add by making 10

You might find it useful to quickly revise number bonds to 10 using the link below.


LO: I can match and form capital letters correctly

Now practise forming upper and lowercase letters. You can use this sheet or just use paper at home. Please use a pencil or pen to practise your handwriting.


LO: I can read and write the split digraph /a-e/


LO: I can listen and respond to the Bible story 'The Calming of the Storm'

Watch the story 'The Calming of the Storm' below. You can read the story if you have access to a children's Bible at home.

Jesus Calms the Storm

This story is based on Mark 4:35-41, Luke 8:22-25, and Matthew 8:23-27

How do you think the disciples felt:

  • When the sea was stormy?
  • When the sea was calm?

Using the picture below, draw the disciples on the stormy sea and the calm sea.

Think about how their faces might look.