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Monday 1st March

Hello Year 1!

Here is today's home learning.

Have a great day!

Mrs Saunders



LO: I can find one more and one less (numbers to 50)


LO: I can follow instructions to make a simple recipe

Today we will be making our recipes! Try to take pictures as you go - these will help you write the recipe yourself later this week!


If you can't do this, then you could role play making sandwiches, baking cakes and mixing using spoons and bowls in the kitchen! 


LO: I can revise Phase 5 phonemes


LO: What do miracles teach us about Jesus?

Think about the miracles we have explored this topic:


  • The Stilling of the Storm
  • The Feeding of the 5000
  • Jesus Turns Water into Wine


Let's Think...

What do these miracles tell us about Jesus?

They teach us that Jesus can answer our prayers and that when things are tricky and we might lose hope - like the disciples during the storm - Jesus will be there for us and help us.



Draw a picture of your favourite miracle. Write a sentence about what is happening and what this tells us about Jesus.