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Ofsted Report

St. John's C.E. Primary School's most recent inspection took place on 1-2 November 2017. The rigorous 2 day inspection enabled inspectors to scrutinise all aspects of the school.


St. John's C.E. Primary School is a good school in ALL areas.


Here are some of the findings from the inspection: 


  • Leaders’ sharp, accurate priorities for improving the school are based on thorough reviews of pupils’ outcomes and the quality of teaching.

  • Pupils become skilled, confident readers because of first rate support from teachers and teaching assistants.

  • Leadership of the early years is clear, well informed and confident… teaching is skilful and focuses precisely on helping children to grow in confidence across all subjects.

  • Children in early years gain a good start to their education. They grow quickly in their confidence and learn many new skills.

  • The teaching of phonics, particularly in key stage 1, is strong.

  • Pupils’ skills in writing are improving rapidly. Current pupils write with skill and enthusiasm across subjects because teaching is increasingly well informed, organised and inspiring.

  • The mathematics subject leader coordinates the work of staff expertly. Teachers provide many opportunities for pupils to solve complex problems in different ways. Pupils say they enjoy mathematics because it teaches them to think deeply.

  • Pupils’ learning in key stage 1 and 2 is typically calm and purposeful. Teachers move pupils skilfully from one activity to another and pupils are often absorbed in lessons

  • The school is peaceful

  • Teachers often motivate their pupils with impressive activities for pupils.

  • Leaders' thorough and well- considered arrangements to spend the physical education and sports funding are an exemplar of good practice.

Please read the full report from our recent inspection.