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Thursday 19th November



Click the video to practise your sounds! Can you say the sound before I do?

Phonics Flash Cards

Mr T's Phonics

Practise the wr sound that we might find whilst reading:

wr for wren

wr for wrap


Can you think of some other words that use wr?




Reading Comprehension


Choose an animal to read about. It can either be your chosen animal from yesterday or a different animal. Read the text carefully, then answer the questions. Click on the links below for the worksheet. You can either answer the questions on the worksheet or in your home learning book.


If you would like a read aloud version of the text and questions, click on the leaf below for your chosen animal and play the video.




LO: To subtract two 2 digit numbers, not crossing tens.


Play 'Hit the Button' to practise your number bonds to 10, 20 and 100. What's your highest score? 


Watch the video below. You might need to pause the video to do some working out. Write your answers into your remote learning book. Then, complete the worksheet. You can do this by printing out the worksheet or by showing your working out in your home learning book.




Anti-Bullying Week


Can you remember the story of David and Goliath? This story shows us how we can stand up to others by knowing that God is always on our side.

  1. Watch the video below to recap the story. 
  2. David stood up to Goliath’s bullying because he had God on his side. How do you think God helped David to have the courage to stand up to Goliath?  
  3. Answer the question on the worksheet or in your home learning book.

David and Goliath

A retelling of the well-known Bible story, exploring the SEAL theme of standing up for what you believe.