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Thursday 28th January


Phonics (optional)

If you feel as though your child would benefit from continuing phonics practise, please use the links below.

Similarly, if you would like to use these activities instead of or in addition to the reading practise above, please feel free to do so.





LO: Twrite a book review.


Now that we have read 'A Right Royal Disaster', we are going to recap over the story and give our opinion on it by writing a book review. A book review is when we write about what happened in the book, whether we liked it or not and whether we would recommend it to someone else.



  1. Think about what happened in the story and what your opinion of it is (your story map from yesterday may help you to do this). 
  2. Complete your book review. You can either use the template below or draw your own. 






LO: To use arrays.


Play 'Hit the Button' to practise your number bonds to 10, 20 and 100. What's your highest score?


Watch the video below. You might need to pause the video to do some working out. Write your answers into your remote learning book.


If you would like some extra practise, you can complete the questions on the worksheet below either by printing out the worksheet, writing on top on the worksheet via activities on ClassDojo, or by writing your answers into your remote learning book.

Using Arrays

Still image for this video





Today, we are going to be continuing our learning about the first woman to fly across the Atlantic Ocean, Amelia Earhart.


  • What can you remember so far?
  • How do you think the crowds of people felt watching Amelia Earhart achieve this?



  1. Watch the video below.
  2. Imagine that you were in the crowds, watching Amelia Earhart take flight, ready to break world records. How do you think it would feel to be there?
  3. Write an eyewitness account explaining what you could see and hear, what Amelia achieved and what it was like watching Amelia take flight. Use the template below to help you.

Amelia Earhart Stock Footage - The Film Gate