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Thursday 4th March

Thursday 4th March






LO: I can review a book I have read recently.


Use this book review sheet to write about a book you have read recently. Think carefully about what to write and take care drawing your illustration.






LO: I can compare lengths.




World Book Day

Afternoon Activities


Book Character


Think about your favourite book character.

Draw a picture of them and write down 4 reasons why they are your favourite character!



Have a go at making your own bookmark! There are some great pictures below of some examples you may wish to copy. I have also put a video on below if you want to try and make a really cool corner bookmark!


I'd love to see a photograph of your finished bookmark!


True or False

Come up with your own 'TRUE OR FALSE' short story, similar to Michael Rosen's.


Think of something that really happened to you in the past or make up something that is funny and believable!


When you write, remember tall capital letters, finger spaces and full stops in your sentences!