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Thursday 7th January

Thursday 7th January


Good morning Year 4!

Here is today's learning.

Well done to everyone who sent me photographs of their work yesterday.

I really enjoyed looking at them. It was great to see all the hard work, good knowledge and super understanding.

Try to complete all the activities below. You can do them in any order and at any time of the day!

Please send over your work through Class Dojo so I can see how you are getting on.

In addition, try to make some time every day to read for at least 15 minutes. Read a book from home or use the websites on our class page to access some different reading material.

Also, remember to keep practising your times tables by logging onto Times Tables Rockstars daily. Today, concentrate on practising the 7 times table.


Be Kind | A Children's Story about things that matter

What exactly is kindness? What is it to be kind? Is it being helpful? Being polite? Does it have to be a big act to be more kind? Well maybe the smallest act...

LO: To answer questions on the text, orally and in the written form
LO: Divide by 100
Today, we are learning how to divide by 100. Watch the video, pausing when you are told to complete the activities. As a follow-up and to practise what you have learnt, complete the accompanying worksheet.

Divide by 100

This term, we are exploring Jesus as the Son of God. Work through the powerpoint, watch the video clips and complete the activities in your workbook.