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Thursday 7th January



Phonics (optional)

If you feel as though your child would benefit from continuing phonics practise, please use the links below.

Similarly, if you would like to use these activities instead of or in addition to the reading practise above, please feel free to do so.




LO: To identify and discuss new and exciting vocabulary.


Listen to our story - 'Dougal's Deep-Sea Diary' by Simon Bartram. Can you find any words that you don't know? Can you find any words that you think are interesting or exciting?

Thursday 7th Jan - English Lesson


  1. Write a list of new and exciting words that you heard in the story. 
  2. Use the internet or a dictionary to find out what these new words mean. Write the meaning in your own words in your remote learning book.



Use some of your newly learnt or exciting words to write your own sentences.




LO: To count British coins in pence.


Play 'Hit the Button' to practise your number bonds to 10, 20 and 100. What's your highest score? 


Watch the video below. You might need to pause the video to do some working out. Write your answers into your remote learning book.


If you would like some extra practise, you can complete the questions below either on the worksheet or in your remote learning book.

Counting British coins in pence

Still image for this video





Today, we are going to be beginning our topic of explorers by thinking about what an explorer may need for an adventure!


1. Make a list of the equipment that an explorer may need on their explorations - you can also draw pictures to go with your list if you want to!


2. What do you think would happen if the explorer didn't have this equipment? Write a sentence to explain what you think may happen.


3. Order the equipment from the most to the least important - you can do this by writing a number next to the list you made earlier (1 being the most important).