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Tuesday 17th November



Click the video to practise your sounds! Can you say the sound before I do?

Mr T's Phonics

Practise the different oo sounds that we might find whilst reading:

oo in book

oo in moon


Can you think of some other words that use short oo (u) and long oo?




LO: To use adjectives to describe a savanna habitat.


Next week, we are going to be beginning to plan our own stories, like the way home for wolf, about an animal from a savanna/grassland habitat.

  1. Watch the 'Lion King' video below.
  2. What words could you use to describe the savanna? Use the picture below to help you.


Task: Write a description of the savanna. Write in full sentences. You can write the description on the worksheet below or in your remote learning book.

The Lion King - Opening Scene




LO: To add two 2-digit numbers, not crossing tens.


Play 'Hit the Button' to practise your number bonds to 10, 20 and 100. What's your highest score? 


Watch the video below. You might need to pause the video to do some working out. Write your answers into your remote learning book.


If you would like some extra practise, you can complete the questions below either on the worksheet or in your remote learning book.

Adding Two 2-Digit Numbers - Not Crossing Tens




Continuing with anti-bullying week, we are going to be using the story of 'Monty the Manatee' to:

H21. To recognise what makes you special.

H22. To recognise the ways in which we are all unique.

H23. To identify what you are good at.



Monty had lots of fantastic qualities that the other sea creatures didn't take the time to notice. All of the qualities made him special and unique.

  1. Watch the video below.

  2. Draw a picture of yourself in the middle of your page. Write down at least 5 things that make you special, unique and proud to be who you are, e.g. I am always kind to others, I am really good at running.

PSHE - What Makes Us Special