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Tuesday 23rd February

Hello Year 1!

Here is today's home learning.

Have a great day!

Mrs Saunders



LO: Numbers to 50


LO: I can sequence a set of instructions

Watch the video 'How to Make a Jam Sandwich'. Listen carefully to the instructions!

Then use the sheet below or a piece of paper to draw the instructions in the right order! There are 6 steps to follow!

Year 1 English - How to Make a Jam Sandwich


LO: I know the alternative pronunciation for the /o/ grapheme


LO: I can make observational drawings of flowers

You will need: paper, pencil or pen, flowers or pictures of flowers

  • Look carefully at your flower (or picture) 

  • What do you see?

  • How many petals are there? What shape are they?

  • Are there any patterns on the leaves or petals?

  • Making gentle, light strokes, carefully draw your flower or copy what you see on the picture

  • Only draw what you see!