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Tuesday 2nd February

Hello Year 1!

Here is today's home learning.

Have a great day!

Mrs Saunders




LO: I can add by making 10

It may be useful to draw out two 'tens frames' and use coins or bits of paper to represent the 'ones'. You can then move the 'ones' about when making 10.


LO: I can write the start of my story using capital letters and full stops.

Today we will begin writing our own 'Jack and the Beanstalk' stories! We will make our own books by writing a few sentences each day and drawing pictures too! 


You will need:

  • your story map
  • your word bank
  • paper
  • pencil

Year 1 English - Part 1 Writing


LO: I can read and write the split digraph /i-e/


LO: I can name and recognise a variety of evergreen and deciduous trees

Year 1 Science - Deciduous and Evergreen Trees