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Vision Statement



St. John’s Church of England Primary School has a Christian vision for education rooted in wisdom, hope, community and dignity. It is a community where all are welcome and nurtured in a spirit of Christian love, compassion and encouragement.


It is a place which enables everyone in the school community to develop and experience life in all its fullness and realise true potential through an excellent, broad and creative education. Christian hope, aspiration and resilience for the future are central to the learning experience.


The school’s vision is rooted in Christian love which is the foundation of our Christian values:  

 Friendship

 Courage

 Trust

 Respect

 Compassion

 Perseverance


School aims:

  • To provide a caring, safe and happy environment where the whole school community can flourish knowing that they are unique and special in the eyes of God
  • To build confidence and self-esteem to enable children to develop resilience and become successful, independent  life-long learners
  • To enable all children to achieve their full potential
  • To develop the teamwork and leadership skills and qualities in all our children so that they can be responsible citizens of the future
  • To be fully committed to equality of opportunity
  • To create a stimulating environment in which Christian attitudes of positive relationships, mutual respect, responsibility, forgiveness and understanding are fostered at all times 
  • To foster strong links between home, school, church, the local community, the diocese and internationally, through the Waterloo Partnership with Sierra Leone
  • To enable staff to develop their own talents and expertise so that they too can thrive
  • To promote high standards and expectations of behaviour towards one another, as Jesus said, ’Come, follow me and live your life the way God wants you to’
  • To be committed to providing opportunities for spiritual growth through RE and collective worship as well as a wealth of stimulating experiences and extra-curricular activities
  • To promote children’s cultural experiences and opportunities to help develop a positive understanding of their place in a diverse world.