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Wednesday 3rd February

Wednesday 3rd February

Good morning Class 4!


LO: I can identify and explore new vocabulary

Read the poem again.

Look at the list of words in the mystery word grid.

Find these words in the poem and highlight or underline or circle them in a different colour.

Can you work out what the word might mean from re-reading the sentence?

Read the sentence again, missing out the word. What word could work in that sentence? Is it a noun or a verb or an adjective?

Guess what the word might mean and write it in the grid.

Do this for all the words in the grid. 

Next, look at the mystery word definitions. Can you match the definition to the mystery word?

Was your guess close to the actual definition? 

Use a dictionary to check your work.


Correspondence problems


LO: I know that the Jewish holy day is Shabbat and that there are many traditions and rules associated with Shabbat

Watch the 2 video clips telling us about Shabbat.

Answer the questions in your workbook or on the activity worksheet:

What is Shabbat?

Why is Shabbat important to Jewish people?

What happens during Shabbat?


This week is Children's Mental Health Awareness Week and the theme this year is 'Express Yourself'.

Watch the video as different artists talk about how they use art to express themselves.

At the end of the video, you are set a task - to design and create an outfit in which you could express yourself.

Have fun creating and I look forward to seeing your finished designs!

I Express Myself Through Art with Hannah Brooks, Annabelle Davis & More | BAFTA Kids

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