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Wednesday 6th January

Good morning Year 1!

Here are your activities for the day! 

Mrs Saunders



LO: I can name and recognise 3d shapes

Today you will be learning about 3d shapes! 3d shapes are fat, solid shapes! 

Watch the video below and pause when you need to have a think.


Now complete the activity below on the sheet, in your home learning book, or on paper.


LO: I can join in with traditional rhymes

This week, we are learning about traditional rhymes! Sometimes they are called nursery rhymes. Watch the PowerPoint below and see if you can join in with them!

Now draw a picture from your favourite traditional rhyme and write a sentence about it underneath. Don't forget capital letters, finger spaces and full stops!


LO: I can read and write the digraph /ay/

Follow the links below to learn all about our first Phase 5 sound - ay!




LO: I know the story of the Wise Men and can suggest gifts for Jesus now and then

We are going to be thinking about the Christmas story and how the Wise Men brought Jesus special gifts.