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Wednesday 6th January


Phonics (optional)

If you feel as though your child would benefit from continuing phonics practice, please use the links below.

Similarly, if you would like to use these activities instead of or in addition to the reading practice above, please feel free to do so.




LO: To make predictions about what might happen in the text and who the main characters are.


Our new topic for this half term is 'Explorers!'


In our English lessons, we will be looking at adventure stories by the same author - Simon Bartram.



Have a look at the book cover below. Write down what you predict might happen in this book. Remember, predict means to guess what you think might happen. Use the questions below to help you:

  1. Who is Dougal?
  2. Where in the world do you think Dougal is?
  3. What do you think Dougal does in the story?
  4. How do you think he is feeling?
  5. What might he discover? 






LO: To recognise and know the value of British coins.


Play 'Hit the Button' to practise your number bonds to 10, 20 and 100. What's your highest score? 



Learn how to recognise British coins and their value.




The birth of Jesus was good news for the world. Today we're going to think about how the good news spread further than just the Wise Men and Shepherds.


Watch the video below:

Think about Christmas celebrations in your family,  school, local community and churches.

  • How is this good news celebrated today?
  • In what ways do Christians remember that Christmas is about the good news and not just about gifts and Santa?   



  1. Draw/write different ways that we remember Jesus' birth is at Christmas time.
  2. The news of Jesus' birth is very old, how can it still be good news? Write down why you think Jesus' birth is still good news today.