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 Please support us in improving attendance and punctuality throughout the school, being in and on time is a life skill that our children must have if they are to succeed in school and then in the work place.


 As part of our commitment to improving the attainment of our pupils, we monitor pupil attendance on a regular basis. Whilst we are  obliged to advise you of your child’s attendance, we appreciate that children are sometimes ill and not fit to be in School but whenever possible please consider the effect this has on their education. 


Our School Nurse and Education Welfare Manager are available to meet with parents to see if we can support you in improving your child’s attendance and many of our parents take up this offer. If you would like to arrange an appointment, please contact the School Office. 


 The information below shows how attendance can affect your child’s future progression: 


     Above 97%:  less than 6 days absence a year.  Excellent attendance!  These young people will almost certainly the best grades       t  they can, leading to better prospects for the future.  Pupils will also get into a habit of attending school which will help in the          future.


     95%:  10 days absence a year.  These pupils are likely to achieve good grades and form a habit of attending school regularly.          pupils  who take a 2  week holiday every year can only achieve 95% attendance.


      Below 90%: 19 days absence a year.  Young  people in this group are missing a month of school per year; it will be                           difficult for them to achieve their  best.  The government classes young people in this group as ‘Persistent Absentees’,                     and it will be almost impossible to keep up with work. Parents of young people in this group could face the possibility

      legal action being taken by the Local Authority.   


         Thank you.

Please see the section on policies to view our Attendance policy.