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Road Safety Week

St John's has many exciting things happening during our road safety week. Check them out below!

Reception had a visit from the Lollipop lady, Rachel. She taught us how to cross the road safely. Stop 🛑 look 👀 listen 👂 think 🧠 is it safe to cross the road? 🛣

Year 1: We had a visit from our Lollipop Lady. We learnt about the Green Cross Code and how to cross the road safely.

Year 2 had a visit from local Road Traffic Officers. They got the chance to ask lots of questions and even have a look at the squad cars! They then made Road Safety posters to warn others about dangers and rules of the road.

Year 3: We had a great visit from two police officers from our local police force. We learned about how to be safe walking near roads, had a chance to ask questions and got to see the police car!

Year 4: Our Visibility Outfits!

Year 6: Our Road Safety Poems and Bikeability