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The RLNI visited our school to tell us all about the important work they do around our coast. We learnt how to be safe on the beach and in the water. We were also inspired by their tremendous work. 

Year 3

We also enjoyed our visit from two of our local lifeguards. They work on Crosby, Formby, Ainsdale and Southport beach. They explained to us some important ways to be safe when on the beach and in the sea.

We learned what the different coloured beach flags mean! I wonder if you know?

red flag means... ?

red and yellow flag means... ?

black and white flag means... ?

An orange windsock means... ?

We went outside and saw the white lifeguard truck and some of the equipment they use to help to keep us safe!

Year 4

Year 4 also enjoyed the visit from the Lifeguards. We found out all about what the RNLI is and the work that they do in keeping us safe. We also found out:

"Crosby beach always has a red flag which means no swimming as the Iron Men can be dangerous in high tides" -Poppy

"Be prepared when you go to the beach - wear sensible shoes and clothing, wear sunscreen and be aware of the weather and tides" -Lilly

"If you find yourself in sinking mud, stay still and calm and call the lifeguard" -Aiden

"If you get stuck in water, float on your back like a starfish and wave with one arm to attract attention" -Lydia