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At St. John's CE Primary School, our physical education (PE) curriculum meets the national curriculum's statutory requirements and is designed to meet the needs of all pupils at our School. PE is valued as an important part of pupils' entitlement to a broad and balanced curriculum and continually builds on knowledge and skills. 


The physical education curriculum is taught as a basis for lifelong learning. It is an important element of the school's vision to 'seek life in all its fullness ' (John 10:10), aiming to support and encourage our pupils to make sensible, healthy choices and continue to have a physically active life. PE will contribute to the school's commitment to nurturing our pupils' self-confidence, self-esteem, and wellbeing.


Our PE curriculum will offer good and appropriate opportunities for pupils to develop their fundamental movements, a wide range of physical skills, knowledge, and understanding and promote their health and fitness. 


The foundations of our physical education curriculum are built in our Reception class. We provide opportunities for our pupils to be active and to develop coordination, control, and movement. We provide a range of experiences and repeated and varied opportunities to explore and play to develop our pupils' gross and fine motor skills.  


We aim to encourage and motivate our pupils to enjoy, participate and succeed in competitive sport, games, physical activities, and exercise. 


We aim to motivate pupils with personal best challenges and encourage 30 minutes of physical activity each school day.


Through PE, pupils will have opportunities to compete in a wide variety of sports, games, and physical activities, which build their character, provide appropriate challenge to develop resilience, and embed the school's Christian values of friendship, courage, compassion, trust, and perseverance. 


Swimming is promoted as an important life skill. Pupils will be taught about safety when they are near water. We aim for all pupils to leave primary school being able to swim at least 25 metres. 


The PE curriculum overview sets out the curriculum intent at St. John's School and is the starting point to providing broad and balanced opportunities and experiences for all our pupils. The School's Sport Premium Funding statement outlines additional opportunities and enhancements that support our pupils  to 'seek life in all its fullness' and develop as rounded individuals. Both have strong links with our PSHE curriculum and our social, moral, spiritual, and cultural provision to support all our pupils to move on from St. John's with the attributes to be responsible, aspirational, healthy, and successful in the next stage of their educational journey.





The school employs a specialist sports lead to provide advice and coaching for staff, to lead the PE curriculum and  physical education enrichment programme. 


The physical education curriculum is delivered within:

● Carefully planned activities and experiences in our Reception class

● Discrete timetabled lessons

● Enrichment

● Personal challenges

● Competition


In our Reception class, we develop our pupils' core strength, stability, balance, spatial awareness, coordination and agility through games and providing opportunities to play, both indoors and outdoors. 


In Years 1 – 6, we ensure that each child has their PE entitlement by teaching various outdoor and indoor PE sessions throughout the year. We use the national curriculum for physical education to underpin our teaching and learning. PE is implemented using the whole school Primary PE Passport scheme as the main resource, a clear and comprehensive scheme, and in line with the national curriculum. The PE curriculum includes swimming for pupils in Key Stage 2. Pupils participate in swimming lessons for one term in Years 3, 4, and 5. This allows pupils to develop a range of strokes effectively, become competent in performing safe, self-rescue in different water-based situations, and become competent swimmers, allowing them to swim a distance of 25 metres or more.  


Enrichment opportunities are planned to provide our pupils with additional, valuable experiences to visit natural outdoor spaces, engage in activities that challenge, develop resilience, and build personal, social, and technical skills. 


In Reception, our pupils have the opportunity to have several visits to the local beach. Sefton coastline provides a unique setting to facilitate holistic learning through play and investigation, such as building shelters, large-scale beach art, building sandcastles. 


Further enrichment comes through themes weeks, visits, and visitors. The additionality is linked firmly with our sports premium funding.


Examples of events:


● Varied competition through 'Your School Games'

● Visit to Rock and River for Year 6 pupils

● Introducing new sports and competitions through external coaches

● Mile a day

● Inspirational visitors, for example, coastal lifeguard, Paralympic athletes 

● School games day across the school

● Bikeability Years 3, 4 and 6. 


Whole school celebration worships highlight success in sporting events and competition, both in school and at home, encouraging children to reflect on their learning, behaviour, achievements, and attitudes. 


Developing our pupils as future leaders is an important aspect of our provision. Pupils have opportunities in the upper Key Stage 2 to become leaders: School Sport Organising Crew, sports leaders, playground leaders.


We provide a variety of extracurricular clubs that play a vital role in promoting healthy lifestyles, citizenship and promoting good mental health and wellbeing.




Through our physical education curriculum, our pupils will understand how to develop, apply and improve their knowledge, skills, and understanding of physical education in various physical activities and sport. Pupils will learn how to evaluate and recognise their success. They will enjoy collaborating and competing with each other as they exercise their bodies and build their skills. Our pupils will learn how to compete graciously, with respect, and fair play. They will aspire to do their best and develop an enjoyment of sport and exercise. 


Subject and school leaders monitor the impact of our curriculum provision through completing regular monitoring, which includes learning walks, playtime monitoring, work scrutiny, pupil voice. The Primary PE Passport provides the assessment tool for achievement in PE. 

The Physical Education and School Sports lead will determine the monitoring schedule to plan a range of monitoring activities across the academic year to evaluate assessments and impact.


Physical Education Whole School Curriculum Map

Physical Education Whole School Curriculum Map

Physical Education National Curriculum