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British Values

At St. John’s CE Primary School we take very seriously our responsibility to prepare children for life in modern Britain and ensure that they become excellent citizens  able to make valued contributions to communities: locally, nationally and globally.


We ensure that the fundamental British Values are promoted through the  ethos, values and curriculum of our school. British values  are taught and promoted through our P.H.S.E curriculum. We also provide our children, in Years 1 to 6, opportunities to develop their understanding of fundamental British values through the Picture News Resource -  weekly news stories about a range of current issues including political, religious, cultural, environmental, social, moral and mental spiritual with a British value focus.


This following statement outlines additional ways that we actively promote fundamental British Values. 



"Mutual respect means that you treat one another how you want to be treated." - Poppy.


'Tolerance is when we respect each other's differences and know that nobody is the same, and that's okay. We accept people have different religions, race, gender, age, and opinions. We are all equal. Nobody is better." - Lydia. 


"Democracy means everyone has a voice." - Zac. 


" Democracy is the right to vote and have a say. The first people to think about democracy were the ancient Greeks. Examples of democracy are voting for our school council and Ethos Club, and for voting for the mayor and prime minister." - Charlotte.


"Individual liberty means we can choose what to do and how to live, but we have to remember our rules and the law." - Jake.


"The rule of law means that we can keep everyone safe; otherwise, there would be chaos if no one followed the rule of law. In our school, we show the rule of law by having consequences if we do something wrong, like hurt someone or disrupt the teacher. We also have a behaviour system for everyone to follow." - Charlie.  




In October 2022 we had a visit from Gary Hart, Senior Education Officer for the UK Parliament. He came to tell us about how Parliament works, MPs roles and how laws are made during a whole-school assembly.