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Playground Markings

Playground Markings


Project Leaders: Mr Bayliff





About This Project:

Mr Bayliff approached our School Council and asked for help deciding on some new markings for our playground.




Current Status:

Our playground markings have been completed! We are so pleased with how they look and the children love using them at play times and during PE lessons!




Our new playground markings have been completed over the summer! We are really thrilled with how they look and the children are enjoying using them at play times. We are also able to use them during our PE lessons and after school clubs!



During our meeting, we came up with a list of ideas we would like included on our KS2 and KS1 playground.


These included:

Sports pitches/courts for PE lessons.

Number lines for KS1 playground.

Alphabet letters for KS1 playground.

Hop scotch.

Obstacle courses/activities.