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Our computing curriculum is devised from the Knowsley City Learning Centre planning and  is designed with logical sequenced steps that will equip all children with the essential skills and knowledge they need to use technology safely and creatively. 


Our curriculum supports the key aims of the government’s Internet Safety Strategy (Digital Literacy / UK Council for Child Internet Safety (UKCCIS) framework) of supporting children to stay safe and make a positive contribution online, as well enabling teachers to develop effective strategies for understanding and handling online risks.


At St John's the requirements of the Computing Curriculum are taught through half-termly units, where the children have access to a computer, Chromebook or iPad. 


Our Computing units and progression model is broken down into four strands that make up our computing curriculum. These are Essential Skills, Computer Science, Information Technology and Digital Literacy.


Essential Skills: ensure the children have the core basic skills to use multiple devices, this is designed to promote independence.


Computer Science: underlines the knowledge and skills relating to computational thinking, coding, algorithms and networks.


Information Technology: underlines the knowledge and skills relating to digital communication, creating multimedia content and data representation/handling.


Digital Literacy: underlines the knowledge and skills relating to online safety and technology in society.



Disciplinary Knowledge

National Curriculum Computing