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Welcome to the governing body section of the school's website.

Every school has a governing body which represents the interests of children, parents and carers, the local community and the wider public in the running of the school. At St. John's, the governors work with the staff, the local authority and the Diocese of Liverpool to secure the best possible education for every child in the school and to ensure that children's safety and well-being are always to the fore.


The governing body is made up of foundation governors who represent the church and diocese, parents, school staff and the local authority. The governors at St. John's have a wide range of experience in education, the church and business. This diversity of expertise and views contributes to positive and effective governance.


The full governing body meets three times a year and is supported by a sub-committee structure which enables small groups of governors to look more closely at the daily life and running of the school. Four committees meet once a term to discuss:

-  the curriculum and standards                                                       -  finance and personnel

-  matters concerning the school building/health and safety               -  Church school distinctiveness and ethos


In line with Ofsted requirements, the governors help to set the vision, ethos and strategic direction of the school. Governors make sure that the decisions made by the headteacher and members of the senior leadership team are directly linked to promoting high standards of attainment and progress and that the school's financial management is sound and focused on providing the very best for the children.


The governors play an important role in ensuring that the Christian character of the school is constantly being developed and that this directly supports children's academic and personal development.


The governing body also appoints one of its members to ensure that the school is fulfilling its responsibilities regarding child protection and safeguarding matters.

Dr. Jean Forward     Chair of Governors

Mrs. Jill McElroy      Vice Chair of Governors

Members of the Governing Body 2019/2020

                                                                                               Term of Office                                         Meetings attended

                                                                                                                                                           2018 - 2019

The Rev'd Janet Bissex      Foundation Governor                      (January 2017 - December 2021)                      6/6

The Rev'd Gregor Cuff       Foundation Governor (ex Officio)                                                                         15/15

Dr. Jean Forward               Foundation Governor (Chair)          (June 2017 - May 2021 (re-elected))                14/15 

Mrs. Louise Horrocks         Local Authority Governor                (July 2019 - July 2023 re-elected)                     9/9                   

Mrs. Jill McElroy                Foundation Governor (Vice Chair)    (August 2017 - August (re-elected))                12/12

Mrs. Cheryl McManus        Headteacher                                   (January 2016 - December 2020)                   15/15

Miss Philippa Morgan         Staff Governor                               (October 2018 - September 2022)                    4/6

The Rev'd John Reed         Foundation Governor                      (December 2017 - December 2021)                  9/9

Mr. Duncan Reid                Parent Governor                            (November 2017 - November 2021)                  9/9

Mrs. Tricia Waterson          Parent Governor                            (January 2017 - December 2021)                      6/9




2 Foundation Governors 


Governors who resigned or came to the end of their term of office during the academic year:

2016/2017: None

2018/2019: Mrs. Gill Francis (Staff Governor) Attendance 2017/2018:   3/3

                  Mrs. Sinead Young (Foundation Governor) Attendance 2017/2018: 3/6

2019/2020  The Rev'd Hannah Lewis (Foundation Governor) Attendance 2018/2019:9/9




 Sub-committee membership

 Mrs. C. McManus (Headteacher) attends all sub-committee meetings


 Personnel and Finance                                                                 Buildings, health and safety

 The Rev'd G. Cuff                                                                            The Rev'd G. Cuff

 Dr. J. Forward                                                                                  Dr. J. Forward

 Mrs. L. Horrocks                                                                              Mrs. L. Horrocks                                                                                                                                                                                           

 Mrs. J. McElroy (Chair)                                                                     Mrs. J. McElroy

 The Rev'd J. Reed                                                                            The Rev'd J. Reed

 Mr. D. Reid                                                                                      Mr. D. Reid (Chair)

 Mrs. T. Waterson                                                                              


 Curriculum, standards and quality                                             Ethos and Church school distinctiveness

 The Rev'd G. Cuff                                                                            The Rev'd G. Cuff (Chair)

 Dr. J. Forward (Chair)                                                                      Dr. J. Forward                                                                        

 Mrs. J. McElroy                                                                                Mrs. T. Waterson                                                                                                                              

 The Rev'd J. Bissex                                                                          Miss P. Morgan

 Miss P. Morgan 


 Governors with additional responsibilities

 The Rev'd J. Bissex      SEND and Pupil Premium

 The Rev'd G. Cuff        Personal development

 Dr. J. Forward             Safeguarding, Church school distinctiveness

 Mrs. L. Horrocks.         Attendance and punctuality

 Mrs. J. McElroy            Foundation curriculum

The Rev'd J. Reed.        Core curriculum

 Mr. D. Reid.                 British values and online safety


Governors' Register of Interest:


We are under a duty to publish relevant business and financial  interests of governors and details of other educational establishments they govern.  Please find below details in respect of this duty:


None have been declared.