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St John’s Parent Teacher Friends Association

Please follow us on Twitter: @StJohnsL22PTFA


Our committee :

Chair: Anna Smith

Treasurer: Andrea Edward,

Secretary: Michelle Anglesea

Ordinary Members: Suzanne Battersby, Michelle King


We also have a group parents with children across the year groups who have volunteered to be involved.

The PTFA was established at our first AGM on 11th Feb 2020.

The purpose of the PTFA, as set out in our constitution is “to advance the education of the pupils of the school through developing an effective relationship between the staff, parents & others associated with the school, engaging in activities or providing facilities or equipment which support the school & advance the education of the pupils.” In short we are here to help fundraise & facilitate fun for the kids.


If you would like to get involved please contact Anna at

PTFA AGM online on Thursday 19 October at 8:00pm

Summer 23 Challenge



There were 34 children who took part in our Summer 23 Sponsored Challenge to complete 23 challenges over the summer holidays to raise money for the PTFA.


Each child received a  chocolate donated by Asda, a certificate and a medal, designed by Lois who was medal design winner this year. 


Some children who raised the most individually also received Merseyrail vouchers for some fab days out and a cone of sweets from the PTFA. 


Class totals: 

Reception £71

Year 1 £226

Years 2 £228

Year 3 £108

Year 4 £358

Year 5 £145

Year 6 £59

School total £1195!!!


Year 4 were awarded the trophy and will enjoy an extra playtime with donated snack!  


We had some wonderful and varied ways to complete the Summer 23 challenge this year: 


 Cake sale;  doing 200 hops; helping with new baby sister and  tidying;  swimming 23 times; selling Fairy Cakes; Climbing 23 ‘Wainwright’ Mountains; visiting  23 new places in New Zealand; helping in the garden & feeding the chickens in Turkey;  reading 23 books; helping with chores around the house; making & selling biscuits; doing multiple 23 challenges: equations, sandcastles, ball catches &  more;  Cycling 70km; completing a challenge to try new meals; 
Cycling 23 laps of the Rimrose Valley track; 100 Golf driving range shots: 23 over 40-50 yards & 23 over 100
yards; 23 miles on his bike Cycling 23 laps of the track on  bike; Completing a challenge up & down the stairs; doing odd jobs for the family;  having 23 adventures; baking & selling cakes;  swimming 23 times;  running a nail varnish booth;  Playing 23 games of tennis;  Reading 23 chapters of Harry Potter;  Making & selling 23 ‘Lucky Bags’ and Selling homemade dog treats! WOW! 

School Disco July 2023

Open Meeting January 2023

Summer 22 Challenge

AGM invitation 13 October

PTFA End of Year Letter

Break the Rules Day - Thursday 15 July


 We were delighted by the response to the PTFA Easter garden competition with over 100 entries!

The entries were thoughtful, imaginative and beautiful and most importantly the children were proud of them. Thank you for your support. The PTFA sourced and organised crème egg prizes for all entries. The winners and runners up received an Easter egg. The winners also won sunflower seeds and an Usborne Easter book


Winners: Rec- Lily, Y1- Emily, Y2 - Katherine, Y3 - Harry, Y4 - Ethan, Y5 - Lillie-Mae, Y6 - Jess


Runners up: Rec - Fynn, Y1 - Eric, Y2- Josh, Y3 - Chloe, Y4 - Will, Y5- Rosie, Y6 - Jasmine






St. John's tea towel design and order

Easter Garden Entries



The PTFA  provided beautifully wrapped Christmas treats for all the children to enjoy at their Christmas parties this year. We also organised Father Christmas and his wonderful helper to make window visits to all the classes during their parties. Father Christmas was able to safely deliver the prizes for each class bauble winners and runner -up as well as chocolate coins for everyone. 


The PTFA also organised a  Christmas jumpers donation so that all children were able to attend the Christmas party in festive attire! 

Christmas Bauble Competition 2020

Class entries

Staff entries