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Energy Savers

Energy Savers


Project Leaders: Erin C & Mila






About This Project:

We are looking at ways we can reduce the amount of electricity we use as a school. This will be good for the environment whilst saving our school money!






We are focusing on easy ways to save energy at the moment. We worked out that it costs us school approximately £9 a day in electricity to have the lights on in all 7 classrooms for the whole school day. This would work out as £1,746 a year! That's not including the hall, staff room, office, library, cupboards, toilets and corridors!


Our project leaders have been around the school to locate all the light switches we have in our classrooms, corridors and toilets. We have 33 altogether! We are going to put up signs next to the switches to remind adults and children to turn off lights when they don't need them on.