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Welcome to our Year 3 class page!


Here you will find information and resources to help your child during this year.


Below is the link to our remote learning page for you to use if your child is having to self-isolate at any time during this year.




What have we been up to recently?

Exploring Shadow Movement!

In our Science topic about light, we have been learning about shadows. We've learned what 3 things are needed to make a shadow: a light source, an object to block the light, and a surface for the shadow to be shown on.

We learned about the movement of the earth which makes the sun appear to move across the sky, and saw the effects of this. We drew the outline of our shadows on the playground, then came back and stood in the same position an hour later and saw how our shadows had moved because the earth has rotated!

These are some of our shadows at half past 1:

These are some of our shadows at half past 2, an hour later:



A visit from the Lifeguards!

We had a visit from two of our local lifeguards. They work on Crosby, Formby, Ainsdale and Southport beach. They explained to us some important ways to be safe when on the beach and in the sea.

We learned what the different coloured beach flags mean! I wonder if you know?

A red flag means... ?

A red and yellow flag means... ?

A black and white flag means... ?

An orange windsock means... ?

We went outside and saw the white lifeguard truck and some of the equipment they use to help to keep us safe!



Trip to the Deva Roman Discovery Centre!

We had a wonderful trip to discover more about what life was like to be a Roman! We experienced some amazing things which added to our learning about the Romans in class.

- During the morning, we marched to the Roman Gardens where we saw remains of buildings from the Roman legionary fortress, Deva. Here we were able to learn and practice some Roman Army shield formations right next to the City Walls built to protect the fortress.

- We then moved on to the Roman Amphitheatre. We saw the remains and learned about some of the entertainment the Romans would have watched here!

- After lunch, we explored the Discovery Centre which was full of artefacts and reconstructions to allow us to experience Roman life. We learned how they used to worship, wash, cook, fight, and even go to the toilet! We also saw some of the archaeological ruins in Chester which are underneath the Discovery Centre.

Marching Through The Streets!.MOV

Still image for this video

Shield Formations!.MOV

Still image for this video



Learning what soil is made from in Science!

We filled a bottle with soil from our school grounds. We added water and shook the bottle to mix up the soil and water. After leaving the bottle still for a few days, we could see the different parts that make up soil. Once the soil had separated, we could see that there was organic matter, clay and sand!



World Book Day 2022!

We enjoyed sharing our favourite books with our friends on World Book Day!



Internet Safety Week!

In class we made some posters containing tips about how to be safe when playing games online for 'Internet Safety Week'.


Bulb Planting!

Bulb Planting in Victoria Park with 'Green Sefton'.



Road Safety Week!

Learning about road safety with two Police Officers from our local police force!



Remembrance Day!

Making beautiful poppies to lay down in our St. John's Remembrance Service on 11.11.21 and reading 'Poppy Field' by Michael Morpurgo to learn about why we use poppies as a symbol of remembrance.



World Mental Health Day!

Creating some lovely mindfulness doodles for World Mental Health Day whilst listening to some relaxing music in the background.




Year 3 Information



Mr Higham is our Year 3 teacher!

Miss Fitzpatrick and Mrs Gillespe are our teaching assistants!



Class Dojo

News and updates are posted for parents/carers on our Year 3 Class Dojo page. If you don't currently have a Class Dojo login, please ask Mr Higham for one!




Our Year 3 PE day is Friday. Please ensure children come to school in their PE kits every Friday. They will spend the whole day in their PE kits so no change of clothes is needed.

Our St. John's PE kits should be a plain white top, plain dark shorts/pants and dark trainers. School jumpers or cardigans can be worn over the top also. 



Reading Books

Reading is such an important skill and is vital in every subject! Year 3 is a year when children have the potential to make great progress and gain a good level of reading fluency.

Making this progress is hard work but it's best to practice often. Therefore, we encourage all children to read a little bit every day at home.

Children must bring in their reading book to school every day in their book bag. They could be asked to read to an adult in school on any day.


'The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you'll go.' - Dr. Seuss.


Here are some great free online resources for reading!



Spellings are sent home on a Friday. Our spelling test will be on the following Friday in school, so children will have a week to practise them.


Good spelling greatly improves the level of children's writing. Throughout Year 3, we have some tricky spellings to learn. We will work on them together in school; putting them into context and trying to deepen our understanding of word formation and meaning. Please also practise them regularly at home.


Some good practice methods are:

- Doing your own mini test with a few of the words.

- Writing them twice on small pieces of paper and playing snap or pairs.

- Looking for similar sounds or letters in some words and memorising them.

- Writing the words backwards.

- Thinking of as many other words as you can which mean the same thing (synonyms) or other words which mean the opposite (antonyms).

- Thinking of the best sentence which contains each word, or maybe two words!



Here are our Year 3 spellings for the current half term:


Times Tables

In Year 3, we have daily times table practice in school. We also use Times Tables Rockstars (TTRS) for children to practise their times tables at home.

We have our TTRS Times Table test every Monday in school when children try to beat their record and improve their Rock Status!


Times tables are to Maths what reading is to English! A good knowledge of times tables gives children a deeper understanding of number and gives them the skills needed to problem-solve effectively. They are really important for every topic within Maths, and other subjects too!

Children should know the 2, 5 and 10 times tables when they come into Year 3 and be fluent with the 3, 4 and 8 times tables as well by the end of Year 3!





Here are some useful links to support your child's learning at home throughout this year:



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