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Energy Savers

Energy Savers


Project Leaders: Elliot & Lily






About This Project:

We are looking at ways we can reduce the amount of electricity we use as a school. This will be good for the environment whilst saving our school money!


Last year we ran a successful 'Switch It Off Week' as part of this project. We worked out how much it costs to have the lights switched on for a whole school day in every room in our school. We all tried our hardest to switch off lights to save electricity and every class did really well!


This year's school council have been keen to carry on with this project and we have two new project leaders. Our missions is to save our school some money by reducing the amount of electricity we use.





We ran another successful 'Switch It Off' Week during our summer term! All the classes did so well switching off their lights.

We added an extra challenge suggested by Theo to also switch off our smart boards in class whenever they were not being used!